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speaknoenglish [userpic]

it's ...

February 4th, 2009 (10:40 am)

Mhoooddd: working

nice to know naman my ichiban...
...nag join ng basketball club nung middle school. but quits. hahahaha
and joined a less hardworking club, anime club. huwaat?! and ballet/dancing isn't??? ohhh dear you are so wierd, but love you anyway. oh... anime otaku siya and likes to draw. at least, we have something in common.

speaking of anime!
i just figure it out! i think, ito yung people mistook Megumi Ogata na nag join sa Takarazuka. she's not. ^__^

it's this one!!!!!
Suzukaze Mayo, a Top Star ng Moon Troupe during the 90s (1990-1993).

from the famous play : Me and My girl..
she's the one yung bumababa sa stairs.

seiyuu ni KENSHIN!!!!!

astig di ba?!


speaknoenglish [userpic]

this is...

February 2nd, 2009 (06:04 pm)

Mhoooddd: ecstatic

how much I love THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL... i bought the damn book!

only copy na lang sa Powerbooks Glorietta... 225 lang naman... but... oh my gah! love it. the only classic book na hindi ko maibaba. page turner siya.

tapos... iba sa stage version ni Frank Wildhorn. in the book, Margueritte is more brave than the stage, and doon nag focus ang story. hehehe mas witty si Percy sa book than the stage. and... Armand on the book, older brother, sa stage kasi younger bro.

i want to read it again... kaso hiniram ng onnichan dearest ko. -___-

speaknoenglish [userpic]

The Scarlet Pimpernel

January 29th, 2009 (06:12 pm)

Mhoooddd: enthralled

Music : Frank Wildhorn
Lyrics : Nan Knighton
Book : Nan Knighton
Based upon : Baroness Orczy's novel "The Scarlet Pimpernel"

in japanese ofcourse! gahhhh... *worship Frank Wildhorn* (the same guy for the Never Say Goodbye).

Aran Kei as the witty Percy Blakeney aka Scarlet Pimpernel.

So "men" in ruffles... sword fights... kakkoii!

yung story niya is about Percy the English aristocrat na formed a group "League of Scarlet Pimpernel", saving innocents from the guillotine-happy French agent Chauvelin. hehehehe

Chauvelin's spy is actually Percy's French actress Marguerite St. Just... na may past sila ni Chauvelin.

i love Percy! ang galing niya ma-outwit si Chauvelin. =^^=
(and Aran Kei is good! especially sa mga disguizes)

Yuzuki Reon as the French agent Chauvelin. sunget! gahh! i never knew na magaling siyang... sumayaw! and deep voice... ^_~
Reon.... reon... reon...

but their finale dances are a must see. yung "otokoyaku" dance... with swords! especially Reon's solo... @__@ wow....
Photobucket Photobucket

hmmm... i want to see the broadway version of this!

speaknoenglish [userpic]

Hanako no 939 is...

January 28th, 2009 (10:17 am)

Mhoooddd: giggly

FOR SALE!! buwahahahahahahaha


if you don't mind some of the pages are missing! basta si Jin still intack... and Sho at the last page is still there. may insert doon sa Magazine na natanggal. pero puro fashion naman yun eh....

eniwei... kaya ko ito binili it's because of :


Tani!!!! =^^=
so is other Top Stars. buwahahahahaha

i'm still not sure kung how much... P500 ata bili ko dito... hmmm. minus the ripped pages... so ma less pa siguro... i don't know...

so... JE FAN GIRLS OUT THERE... sino may gusto? ^_~
edit : i thnk i'll scan jin for my copy... XD

speaknoenglish [userpic]

(no subject)

January 19th, 2009 (05:14 pm)

Mhoooddd: gloomy

went to my other LJ.

WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nooooooooooooooooooo....


kaka start ko lang magustuhan kita and now you're leaving???!


speaknoenglish [userpic]

Play talk : S. Fitzgerald

January 16th, 2009 (10:10 am)

Mhoooddd: enthralled

recently bought (VHS lang, 2nd hand. hehehehe) and watched Musical : The Last Party (S. Fitzgerald's Last Day), 2004 and 2006 Cosmos.

ganda ng play, for all talkie, drama and angst! THE angst! seriously, this is probably the best i've seen so far. the play is about the author Scott Fitzgerald. gah! never knew na drunkard pala siya. poor wife, na baliw. @__@

the stage design is simple... all around it, from the pages of The Great Gatsby book (na malaki). walang orchestra only piano... 3 pianist ata. ^__^
the writer/director, Ueda Keiko sensei, she's the one rin sa Paradise Prince. gah! i'm beggining to like her works! Miyu, yung play na gusto natin makita (Lucifer's Tears) she's also the writer/director!

most of her works (6 plays!), Tani is the lead. hahahaha suki.
Tani is exceptionally good (paano favorite role, so, did it TWICE). shocker. hahahaha


hahahaha reminds me of MALFOY! hindi nga.

speaknoenglish [userpic]

Elisabeth and more...

January 14th, 2009 (06:27 pm)

Mhoooddd: crazy


i need help! sino may alam sa Powerpoint presentations? Paano gagawing play-able sa DVD player ang isang powerpoint presentation? na Hi-Res....

may na download akong program. demo nga lang kasi you need to pay pa. eniwei, pixelized sa LCD TV... and hindi sakop ang buong screen. tapos kailangan loop pa. hmmmm... never ko pa na encountered ang ganito sa Powerpoint.

gaaaaaaaaaahhhh the pressure! the pressure!!!!!!!! @______@


so... just finished 4 books by Catherine Fisher. The Oracle series and Darkwater Hall. hehehehe ganda ng Oracle series. the corruption. the plot in ancient Egypt. hihihi

Darkwater naman, selling your soul for 100 years. cute ng kuwento. ^__^


ELISABETH 2007, Snow Troupe version. mas close to the German play. oh my. ang ganda ng production than the 1998, Cosmos Troupe version. Ang Der Todd sa 2007 version is more sexy and seductive than the 1998 version. mas pinakita niya dito na "love at first sight" siya kay Elisabeth and therefore he wanted her soul.... ^_~

ahhhhhhhhh... Kahit ilang ulit ko pa ito panoorin, di ko masasawaan. waahhh Ureima, panoorin mo talaga ang Elisabeth sa July! worth it ang mahal na ticket. hehehehehe

oohhh one of my LJ friends is selling her Elisabeth (Pia Dowles version, tama ba spelling ko?) CD.

speaknoenglish [userpic]

Horikita Maki

January 8th, 2009 (07:28 pm)

Mhoooddd: naughty

Horikita Maki....Horikita Maki...Horikita Maki.....Horikita Maki...Horikita Maki...Horikita Maki..Horikita Maki....Horikita Maki...Horikita Maki




woooowwwww..... yung photobook niyang "S"...


totally unexpected na mga shots! ang ganda! the lighting. the layouts! waahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want this photobook.... demmit.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

i like this one.

hmmm buo kaya yung na download ko? nag karoon ng error nang ini extract ko. 90 pages....

speaknoenglish [userpic]

Part 2

January 6th, 2009 (02:53 pm)

Mhoooddd: relaxed

grabe. i'm sooooooooooo bored sa bahay! long vacation for me, it sucks. i'd rather do some work sa office. i actually missed my table, and the work load requests. bahhhhhh

at pag sa office ako... wala akong GASTOS! shet.

eniwei, mini_myna, arigato sa Arashi Fan club card. hahahahahahaha
i'm not an Arashi fan, but this one is love. hyuk hyuk hyuk

sa first day of work...i got injured! leche! @__@ actually the night before. may small piece of wood pumasok sa big toe ko. di ko matanggal dahil naka baon. so went to the infirmary the next day. oh my gah! kaliit ng wound, ang laki ng gastos! ;___;
ang daming injections! @________________________@

ayaw ko na mag ka-sakit!!!!
so some of my 13th month went to the infirmary! arrrggghhhhh....

but lucky! i got neat stuffs from our suppliers!
-> flash drive. 1 gig lang, pero whooohoooo!!! astig! =^^=
-> personalized thumbler
-> a coffee mug from Phil. Star
-> a journal Loius Vuitton (don't care if it's fake or not)
-> coffee / tea set

hahahahhahahaha i love my company. XD


new year. nothing special. umulan eh. nanood lang ako ng Grey's Anatomy Marathon hahahahaha kahit napanood ko na, pinanood ko ulit. XD

speaknoenglish [userpic]


December 23rd, 2008 (06:02 pm)

Mhoooddd: exhausted

geh. supposedly wala akong work. pero since they asked na patulong sa Greenhills outlet namin, na dapat bubukas na.... pumasok ako. but, unexpectedly, walang driver..


naging driver ako for the day, ng isang karag-karag na FX. hahahaha na nag overheat!!! oh my gah! there's something wrong with their radiator. madali mag over heat pala yun. O_________O

from timog to greenhills. and back.... geh. traffic sa E. Rod. *booo*

kaka pagod. =__=

nga pala. Merry Christmas in advance. i hope magkakaroon ako ng DSL sa bahay. *___*