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Watch out!!!!

February 16th, 2009 (06:42 pm)

Mhoooddd: dorky

nag valentine coffee mirienda kami nina dyokla_ko, dark_chocolate, and sol. ended up in UCC cafe terrace sa Trinoma. nag order ako ng Hazel Nut flavored something na coffee for 130. sarap naman. but, sa bill namin... gulat na lang kami na 209!!!!

shet. tanong kami kung baket. i thought it's 130. paano naging 209? this waitress punched in the 209 coffee. kasi pareho ang name na coffee and the difference is telling the waitress na espresso hazel nut. geezzz..

if i argue, wala naman mangyayari. hmph. not going back there.

------ eniwei... here's something that will make me "HAPPY" ------------

yeah! addicted to that stalker blog. hahahahahaha